So, so. I’m feeling a huge need to explain myself, so I will. So!

I used to not have a very high opinion about anime figures (the whole figure scene in general, really) and the people who collected them. I mean, upwards of ~$70 for a chunk of plastic that just sits on your shelf? Really? Oh, and they’re all girls? The clothes come off too? Real classy, guys.

Waitwaitwait, don’t kill me yet! That’s just what I used to think!

My view changed pretty quick after I came across this series of Plamo Tsukurou videos, showing the work that goes into making a figure. Though the character design isn’t all that, the skillage of the sculptor and the painter kind of blew my mind. A lot. There was this notion in my head that “Figures -> Plastic Toys -> Mass-Produced -> Cheap, Half-Assed, Cash Grab”, and it never occurred to me that someone had to make the original in the first place. And while there are quite a few figures that do fit into that mould (heheheh), not all of them do. Yeah, so smart and open-minded, I am.

But dilemma~! All the awesome ones are expensive, and the cheap ones are considerably much, much, uh, unattractive-er. I don’t really want ugly figures, mediocre figures, or even just plain figures with boring poses. That defeats the whole purpose of collecting figures. But I can’t justify spending so much money on a single object that doesn’t have any practical everyday use to me. There was just no way. So I just lurked around over at DannyChoo, weeping as I drooled over the prototypes of the BRS and Unlimited Bladeworks Rin figures.

And then, dooiiiii! Solution! I could:

  • A) make my own (ha, ha, ha)


  • B) find a cheaper alternative

By that, I mean gachas/coin/trading figures. So I got me a couple from Kotobukiya Big O Trading Figure set, on ebay for about $1.50 each with free shipping.

Pic from HLJ

Since they’ve long been discontinued, I thought they might be knock-offs — but price was too good to pass up. The ones I managed to get were Big O, Schwarzwald, Dorothy, Dorothy II (metallic version), and Norman (also metallic). They came in a plain, small padded envelope. Upon closer inspection, they certainly seem legit. Considering that they’re about 2 inches tall, they’re extremely detailed and fairly well painted. Big O and Dorothy II even have “© Sunrise” stamped on the bottom of their feet.

...and "Made in China". But that's a given.

If they really are knock-offs, they sure put a lot of effort into them. I suspect they’re leftovers from the same factory that manufactured the official figures.

HOWEVAH. None of them can stand on their own. Dorothy and the human characters all have pegs in their feet to fit onto their own stands, but the stands weren’t included. No big deal, those I can handle making. The mechs, on the other hand, are supposed to be able to stand up by themselves, but the ones I got are too warped to stay balanced for long. The Big O himself isn’t too bad, but Dorothy II…

Kinda hard to stand when only one leg fits into its socket. Also note the missing shoulder part and crooked antenna things.

Uraaaagh. Guess I’ll be making stands for all of them. I tried the hairdryer trick (described here) to bend the offending pieces into their proper places, which worked great — until they all went back into their original positions about two days later. Seems the plastic’s too soft to retain the changes :C

Anyway! All things considered, I’m pretty happy with what I got, so I’ll shut up now. On to the pic spam!

The Big O


The gaping hole in the back of his neck is where the flowing bandages are supposed to go. Easily fixed, just have to get around to actually doing it.

R. Dorothy Wayneright

Dorothy I


Thinking of casting a copy to make a coloured version of him...


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