Oh look a post

A project from first year. I’ve been too embarrassed to post it because every time I see it, it looks worse and worse. Other than my class and a couple friends, no one’s seen this. But the truth is, I’ve been dying to share it with someone, because in the end I remember how hard I worked on it and how much fun it was.  So despite all its flaws, and even though I kind of hate it, I’m proud of it.

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So much for posting regularly

Before I get any busier with school, I’ll just leave this here. Since I haven’t been on DevianTart since I was like 15 (lies).


Thick neck is thick.

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So, so. I’m feeling a huge need to explain myself, so I will. So!

I used to not have a very high opinion about anime figures (the whole figure scene in general, really) and the people who collected them. I mean, upwards of ~$70 for a chunk of plastic that just sits on your shelf? Really? Oh, and they’re all girls? The clothes come off too? Real classy, guys.

Waitwaitwait, don’t kill me yet! That’s just what I used to think! Continue reading

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